Wordpress Video Tutorials

April 9, 2010

All of these tutorials range from basic learning for the beginner, to advanced for the expert who wants to learn new techniques. Basically everyone can take something from these tuts.

WordPress 2.6 Video Collection via ithemes.com

Wordpress Video Collection· WordPress Overview › (Basic).
· How to edit Posts/Pages › (Basic).
· How widgets work › (Basic).
· How to Upgrade WordPress Using the Automatic Plugin › (Basic).
· How to Add new Users › (Basic).
· How to Change/Activate Themes › (Basic).
· WordPress Settings Overview › (Basic).
· How to login to WP Dashboard › (Basic).

WordPress Video Collection from siteground.com

Wordpress Video Collection· How to install WordPress › (Basic).
· Getting started with WordPress › (Basic).
· Arrange your blog posts in categories › (Basic).
· Manage comments in WordPress › (Basic).
· How to change the theme › (Basic).
· How to install WordPress plugins › (Basic).
· Create a backup of WordPress › (Advanced).
· How to upgrade the WordPress version (Basic).

WordPress Video Collection from killersites.com

Wordpress Video Collection

· Installing WordPress › (Basic).
· Configuring WordPress Part 1-8 (Advanced).
· Customizing the WordPress Text Editor › (Basic).
· Introduction to building WordPress themes ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 1 of 3 ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 2 of 3 themes ›. (Advanced).
· Building a WordPress Template Part 3 of 3 ›. (Advanced).

WordPress Video Collection from www.likoma.com

Wordpress Video Collection· Adding a new user in WordPress and adding Extra User Data ›.
· Insert an image in PHP List ›(Advanced).
· Your Extended Profile (more info than Name, Email, etc.) ›.
· Random Quotes › (Advanced).
· Using CSS and Blockquotes ›(Advanced).
· Simple Page Edit in WordPress ›(Advanced).
· Lost Password, Update User Info ›(Advanced).
· PodPress and Podcasting › (Advanced).
· “Clean up messy code” and “Remove formatting” › (Advanced).
· Adding Content, Images (G2 also), Files, changing Timestamp › (Advanced).
· Email this to a Friend › (Advanced).
· Explanation of Categories, Posts, and Pages ›.
· Sending out an email to all WP users (members) › (Advanced).

WordPress Video Collection from wordpressacademy.net

Wordpress Video Collection· Creating Thumbnail Images (Custom Fields) › (Advanced).
· How to Use the WordPress Optional Excerpt › (Advanced).
· How to Manage Your WordPress Posts › (Advanced).
· Working With Images in WordPress › (Advanced).
· Creating Pretty Permalinks in WordPress › (Advanced).
· Changing Your WordPress General Settings › (Advanced).
· Changing Your WordPress Reading Settings › (Advanced).
· Changing Your WordPress Discussion Settings › (Advanced).

WordPress Video Collection from css-tricks.com

Wordpress Video CollectionThis is a very good video series from installing WP to designing a theme from an image template to a finished WP theme. Essential viewing.
You can download all required files here: Designing for WordPress.
· Part One: Download, Install, “Reset” Theme ›(Advanced).
· Part Two: Structure ›.
· Part 3: Finishing Touches, Extra Stuff › (Advanced).

WordPress Video Collection from web2whizzing.com

Wordpress Video CollectionThis video collection focuses on Search Engine Optimization, your Google ranking and keywords.
· WordPress blog administration guide ›(Basic).
· WordPress blog meta optimization; ›(Basic).
· Google sitemap configuration › (Basic).
· Related posts plugin › (Basic).
· Tag plugin setup. › (Basic).
· Work with WordPress CSS Style Sheet › (Advanced).
· Add and modify WordPress theme codes › (Advanced).
· Making WordPress into Content Management System › (Advanced).

WordPress Video Collection from wordpresstraining.com

Wordpress Video CollectionI haven’t listed all the basic videos here, to view the full WP Video Collection from WP Training visit here: wordpresstraining.com.
· Best Practices for Upgrading WordPress › (Basic).
· Upgrading WordPress ›.
· Importing and Exporting Data › (Basic).
· Managing WordPress Users › (Basic).
· Managing WordPress Users › (Basic).
· WordPress User Roles Explained › (Basic).
· Managing Files › (Basic).

WordPress Video Collection from weblogtoolsvideos.com

Wordpress Video CollectionThis was a new site to me, I had always follow Weblog Tools Collection, but I never realised they had a video section dedicated to WordPress. Of course, there are quite a few basic and promotional videos, but within there are a fair few advanced tutorials. I would bookmark this site. Below are listed the best that I found:
· Moving your Blog and changing your domain name ›.
· Manual Wordpres Install › (Advanced).
· Sharing Your Content for Traffic – Tutorial › (Advanced).
· Install WordPress Locally › (Advanced).
· How to make Money with your WordPress Blog › (Advanced).
· What Is RSS? › (Advanced).
· WordPress Settings Overview › (Advanced).
· How to make a wordpress plugin › (Advanced).
· What Is RSS? › (Advanced).
· WordPress Settings Overview › (Advanced).
· How to make a wordpress plugin › (Advanced).

Tutorials via Metacafe

· Turning a web template into a WordPress theme: a video tutorial › (Advanced).
· WordPress Tutorial: How to Upload PDFs › (Advanced).
· 5 Key SEO Areas For WordPress › (Advanced).
· How to Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Fullfledged Text Editor › (Advanced).
· How To Add Twitter To Your WordPress Blog › (Advanced).
· Image Captions and Text Alignment › (Advanced).
· Install WordPress Using Xampp › (Advanced).
· Create A WordPress Membership Website › (Advanced).
· Automated WordPress Posting › (Advanced).

Tutorials via YouTube

· Make a “Back to Top” Link (Advanced) › (Advanced).
· How to Upload PDFs › (Advanced).
· Create your first widget › (Advanced).

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